Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rhymefest ft Kanye West "More" Video - Dir by Konee Rok

sweet home Chicago...

It's been too long...

I forgot about myself for a little bit. Being selfless is a hard job, especially for someone like me. Through these last few months I heard a lot of dope music and saw some amazing art work and met some cool people. Summer has come and gone. Fall, my favorite time of year, is on the creep and I can't wait to get out my favorite sweaters and get cozy with some tea.  To close the summer fun, Rock The Bells is the Main event. Special performances by Lauren Hill and Krs-One I hope are gonna rock my bells...
Peace and hair grease... xo

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music Hit List for MARCH 2010

 The Run-down

Major Lazer- When you hear the Bass Line
Christian Rich- Stacks
Radiohead- The Gloaming
Bob Dylan- All I really want to Do
Gorillaz- Stylo
Kidz in the Hall- Drivin' Down the Block
RJD2- Silver Fox
Chiddy Bang- Opposite of Adults
Erykah Badu- Window Seat
Matt & Kim- Lessons Learned
O.D.B.- Brooklyn Zoo (Tigre mix)
Lily Allen- Not Fair
David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi- Memories
Just to name a few, do some work yourself... ;)

Major Lazer in NYC April 3, 2010 @ Terminal 5

***A lot of these bands will be killin' it at Coachella Festival in So. California April 16-18th 2010. I so want to go. You know I'm lookin' at flights right now... Who's down?!?!?

Listen well,

Monday, March 29, 2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands again...

I can never get enough of Europe. There are many different places to create an adventure. Jetting over to Amsterdam, Holland was a hand full of emotinal and business stress which left the time for pleasure jammed packed with spontaneous activity. My compliments to Hotel Roemer for the amazing accommodations and Orbitz for the cheap ass tickets. Even though my flight on United REALLLYY sucked--only because of the seat, and the food, the Crew was dope. Thanks to Crew Captain Mary.  Continental has surprised me on their cozy non-stop flights, I had an super cool seat partner that kept my glass nice and full. Mr. Hill, what would your wife think?!?!
No mile high club this trip, sorry to disappoint ya'll! xo

A few recommended Coffee Shops:
Leidseplein- Rookies
Dam Centraal-Lion of Judah
Amstel- The Door's
Red Light Dis.- Stoner's Cafe                  

****Special shout out to  Fernando @ Sensi Seeds Thanks for the amazing connection... Yes, Chile would be great, let's try it.

I love massage chairs, trams, trains, bikes, tulips, carnivals, coffee, Method Man, space cakes, seeds, plants and fungi of good nature.
Amsterdam is a great place to find heirloom seeds to use in your organic base growing/ farming as well as museums packed with original works from Rambrandt to Aertsen. Rijks Museum
Experimenting with visual stimulants and going into the art museum, listening to Radiohead's "Hail to the Theif", where the original Dutch "Masters" had sailed with their first Naval fleet and some of the giant paintings of these people who created slavery and the history I was surrounded by was a mind blowing experience. Being a Brown Girl around almost nothing but White was a speculation on both parts! It was AMAZING! I snuck a touch of one of Rambrandt's paintings when no one was looking. I swear, maybe it was the shrooms but, I was there for one second.... Anyway, grrreat combination Art History and Atlantic Mushrooms.
You can meet some of the most open-minded, interesting and good-looking individuals from around the world there too. Like ME.
I sum the trip up with this video.

Next trip looks like we might be goin' south for the Spring... Island esk...
Be Easy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Things RASTAFARIAN Introduction

*Smithsonian Museum Campus where you have a clear view of the Monument*

Once again on the jet-set momentum with this lovely spring weather we have been having, I ended up in our nation's capital Washington, DC. Meeting with some family and friends in Maryland and Virginia as well, the experience was nothing short of fulfilling. The Smithsonian Natural History Museum had an abundance of interesting facts and knowledge to absorb and dioramas to observe. You mights ask yourself, what are you doing in the museum when you can be out on the beaches in Thailand? The reason is because my brain is hungry. Every museum in DC is free everyday, all day.

There was the Ice Age Climax of 20,000 years ago factoids,
African Print in Clothing exhibit and the part I was most surprised to see was the exhibit room for RASTAFARI dread heads . I never thought the Natural History Museum in Washington DC would have such information to view. I was extremely impressed I will say. But we all know the real history lies in the islands of origin, the West Indies.
The room was small but filled from ceiling to floor with lots of photos, paintings and garments from Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Robert Marley, Peter Tosh and Women of Rastafarian culture. Also in this tiny room was a documentary set up that had different chapters on exploring the Rastafarian ways and beliefs to say I and I, 
The film tries to explain the relationship of Jamaicans and the Repartration Movement to Exodus.

All of of these interesting things can be located on the web from this site, but there is nothing like the real thing. I wanted to take video of the documentary but it just didn't feel right. It has inspired me to research deeper into the culture that has taken some shape and effect in my life unknowingly in many day to day comparisons.  So go see it for yourself, up close and personal. Continue on to read part 1 of All things RASTAFARIAN.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The "Hidden Agenda" Woman

When there happens to be a point in life when you know you have matured much more than you thought you have in immediate response to your territory being threatened...i.e, party spot, best friend, boyfriend, etc...
...Especially when it comes from within a circle of "friends" you think have your best interests at heart. Events and conversations start to make since in another light, and peoples faces start to change from perfect to hiddeous. You begin to see the rela reasons folks start brining you around and asking certain questions. All up in ya business and shyte...
Anyway, these special arrangements can usually involve more than one person. A group of people can be conspiring against you as well.
For the sake of good arguement, let's use a hidden agenda woman with your boyfriend scenario:

**** You and your boyfriend are the most amazing couple on the planet and nothing has ever made you question your relationship until you hang out with some of your "friends" for the first time out together. You take note as the view of anything that may seem out of place. It's not coming from him though, it's the sneaky ass bitch that is all just for show.****

Shame how there is like over 6 million people in the city of New York, why do the rotten ones always try to come in a break up a happy home?

Tribute To Smutt Peddling Skallywaggs.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Audio Visual Club

Video Pick of the Month Winner--- Alchemist, Lose your Life

This dude is soooo slept on. Alchemist has collaborated with some of the illest producers/performers out there. Snoop, Dilla, Jadakiss just to name a few.
Stay fly.